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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is actually a digital marketing term that defines your every online effort to make your website easily discoverable by people. The purpose of SEO usually is to convert the incoming traffic from search engines into sales.
If you have a website, then unquestionably yes! What good is a website if it can’t be found by the people looking for it? SEO increases the chances of your website being found by the people or your potential customers searching for it. Forbes once mentioned that 60% of all businesses make use of SEO or some other sort of online marketing. So the odds of your competitors using SEO are pretty considerable.
Yes, you can. But doing so would result in significant losses. SEO is more of a long-term process that necessitates persistent efforts. SEO results also take time to reflect. Pausing SEO services would only add to that time and prove as an advantage to your competitors whose SEO services are running while yours are paused.
Ranking timings are highly variable and entirely depend upon your marketing strategies. It also depends upon other factors such as the type of your business, advertising campaign goals, target audience, promotion budget, demographics and much more. Usually, rankings take up to 3 months to mirror significant changes.
There are a plethora of options when it comes to web design. A web design company understands your business and custom-designs a website from scratch that matches flawlessly with your business keeping in mind the primary purpose - converting website visitors into customers.
It is imperative that you have a mobile-friendly website. 60% of world internet traffic is generated through mobile devices. Not having a mobile-friendly website means turning away 60% of potential customers across the globe.
We, here, are masters of our work. Along with other exciting services, we can quickly evaluate your website too. We examine your web statics such as page speed, security, mobile friendliness, search engine visibility, broken links and much more with granular precision to offer you an error-free assessment of your website.
Web Designing is a convoluted process and the time it takes can alter from project to project. There is no fixed duration as such, but most times, web designing takes about 1-2 months.
Social media is a whole different world. We work with almost all of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram. We also keep an eye on new and promising social media platforms that pledge potential benefits for your business.
There is no business in this world which cannot be uplifted by the help of social media. Such is the power of social media. It gifts you an ability to spread the word about your business and connect with probable customers like no other advertising mediums.
When it comes to business, it is of much importance that you imbibe professionalism. Digital Marketing agencies are much more professional and carry profound knowledge of the field harvested from years of field exposure. They may often have the stuff to offer that a freelancer might possibly not have.